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    MLS Listing Setup Instructions


    Managing your listings with Agent by Showingly could never be easier.


    To get started managing your listings, it is important to get everything set up correctly. Don’t worry, the setup process is a breeze!


    MLS Setup:

    Once your active listing is live in the MLS there are a few things you need to do so that buyers agents can schedule showings on your listing.


    In the Showing Information section on your listings,


    Add 1-833-217-7578 as the Showing Phone

    Add support@getshowingly as the Showing Email

    Copy and paste the following into the Showing Instructions


    Please download and schedule all showings through the Showingly Agents application on your mobile device.




    Disable online appointments (if applicable):


    Step 1: Click into ShowingTime through your MLS Portal

    Step 2: Click on your profile to edit your listing preferences


    Step 3: Set “Allow Agents To Request Appointments Online?” to NO

    Step 4: Set “Default Appointment Mode” to View Instructions Only



    Listing Set Up:

    After your listing has been configured in the MLS, it will be available for you to connect on the Showingly Agents application. Listing connections takes seconds!


    Step 1: Click into your profile from the menu bar at the bottom of your screen within the Showingly Agents application.

    Step 2: Click into your My Listings page.

    Step 3: Click the + icon in the top right corner of your screen within the Showingly Agents application.

    Step 4: Your listings will automatically populate or you can search by MLS Listing ID #. Click into the listing you would like to connect.

    Step 5: Completely fill out your Lock box codes, showing instructions, and seller phone number if needed. Adjust availability and notice required and that’s it.




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