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Townhomes vs. Single Family Homes

Which home is best for you?

When planning on buying, it is important to first figure out which type of home is best for you and your family. One of the biggest questions is what the difference is between a single family home and a townhome.

What are the differences?

For the most part, the biggest differences between a townhouse and a single family home are structural. A single family home is one that is typically on its own piece of land and does not share any walls with any surrounding buildings.

A townhome is one that shares at least one neighboring wall with another family's home. There is typically little to no front or backyard in townhomes. These factors are often through of as the disadvantages of living in a townhouse.

Another difference between the two is the location. Most townhouses are located in urban city areas. Single family homes can be found really anywhere, however are more likely to be found outside of the big cities.

Now, which home is best for you? If you have a busy lifestyle and/or are young, a townhouse might be best for you. This is because it comes with less maintenance than a single family detached home.

If you are looking for a place to start your family and settle down, then the single family home is probably best for you. It is often located farther from the city, and gives you much more freedom to make adjustments and maintenance changes.

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