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The Convenience Revolution

It's About Time for Real Estate

· Home Buying

In the age of smart phones, with your life just a tap away from any one of the millions of apps available, it's about time real estate introduced an easier way to move forward in the home buying process.

Like Dominos

It's only a natural progression that the home buying headache would get a cure. Think about it: the taxi industry was swept with Uber, meanwhile, rentals and bookings met Airbnb. So what's stopping home buyers from being able to initiate their journey themselves?

Now there's a platform that truly allows home buyers to schedule a showing at a home of their choice without the unnecessary back-and-forth between their agent, the listing agent, and anyone else involved with the property.

Showingly - The Real Estate Platform handles the back and forth communication in real-time, which means home buyers are able to instantly schedule a property tour from the app.

All active listings displayed on the app are aggregated directly from the agent's MLS, meaning agents are kept in the loop as to who is scheduling and on what property, allowing for a streamlined process that facilitates you to the front door. You can even request a showing the day of and be touring the master bedroom within 30 minutes.

Other services pretend like they schedule your request instantly, but really you're just sold to the highest paying agent. And from there you still have to work with the logistics to touring. Wouldn't it be nice to be treated as the initiate?

The attention to homebuyers driving the real estate process means that you're at the forefront of the platform, never playing phone-tag and always having your time prioritized.

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