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5 Reasons Agents are Ditching ShowingTime for Showingly

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Let's face it, agents ARE NOT happy with ShowingTime, and it’s no secret they are making the switch to Showingly. If you’re on the fence about switching over, or just find yourself asking why SO MANY agents have switched over in the past few months, then this list is for you.

With that in mind, here are 5 Reasons Agents are Switching to Showingly.

1. Easier Listing and Showing Management

On Showingly, the process of configuring the showing availability / lockbox information for your listings takes 30 seconds and can be done at your fingertips.

The only thing easier than connecting your listing on Showingly is managing it.

Confirm or deny showings, view showing history, and view feedback in one simple and clean interface.

Traditionally for buyer agents, the showing scheduling process requires pulling out your computer, logging in, opening a browser, logging into the MLS, navigating to your search portal, finding the homes you like, and then finally scheduling a showing. We're tired just thinking about it 😴

On Showingly it's as easy as pulling out your phone and tapping a button.

Much quicker 🏎

2. Exclusive Client Connection

One of the most important and unique features Showingly offers is the ability to connect with your clients in-app.

Why is that so important?

Well, thanks to the Showingly Homebuyers app, potential homebuyers can search for homes and request showings. If you’re connected to your clients, sphere, and leads, you’ll be notified of any action they take and you’ll ensure they will not be sold to another agent as a showing lead or compatibility lead.

Showingly's client connection is like calling dibs on your whole sphere. For the first time ever, you can connect with your clients through the actual platform where showings are conducted. This means that if they ever decide to see a home with someone else, they would first need to disconnect from you in-app. If this ever happens, we are going to notify you so that you have a fighting chance to retain their business.

Hurry! You and your agent friends probably have similar spheres. You'll want to beat them to the punch on exclusively connecting with them.

3. Showing Leads

Picture this: You’re calling your way through your lead sheet, and when you aren’t getting the Hugh Janus’ or the Mike Oxlongs of the world, you're getting voicemails or told to shove something somewhere.

Sound familiar?

Showingly saw this problem in lead generation and fixed it in the best way possible. Unrepresented buyers are scheduling showings on Showingly too, and that’s where you come in.

Instead of getting spreadsheets and fake people, Showingly’s leads are showing appointments that you can purchase a la carte.

Not only are these leads SMS verified, but they are ID verified as well. You can put to rest the idea of sticky situations when meeting a new buyer in person. Rest assured, Showingly is the ONLY platform that verifies who it is that you are meeting in person.

4. Showing Delegation

Agent's are some of the busiest people on the planet, and Showingly understands that. You should never have to disrupt your schedule for a showing in the middle of the day.

That’s why Showingly built in delegation.

If you can’t make a showing, all you have to do is delegate it to a showing assistant and they'll open the door for you. Now you’re in two places at once and moving closer to the closing table.

On the other side of that is picking up showings. If you have time on your hands, or just want to have a side hustle, then this is for you. You can pick up the delegated Showings and make extra cash by simply opening a door. This might be some of the easiest money you can make considering you’re already licensed as an agent.

5. My Showings

This is it. The absolute best part about Showingly. A place where you can manage all your showings with the tap of a button.

"My Showings" is the hub where you can see all client showings, lead showings, delegated showings, and more. Showingly’s map interface is the first of its kind and with it you’ll be able to see all your upcoming or past showings on a beautiful map of your city.

The industry has been asking for an easier, more advanced form of Showing Management for years. And we’d like to apologize...that no one has done this sooner 😎

6. (Because 5 wasn't enough) Compatibility Leads

The newest lead in the game is Showingly’s Compatibility Leads. These leads have the highest potential of any lead out there, and here’s why: 


Buyers value 2 things.

 1) Getting into a home quickly

 2) Working with an agent they can trust.


 Showingly’s Compatibility Leads allow buyers to have both. Buyers can prioritize the homes they want to see while making a meaningful connection and working with the agent that’s best for them.

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