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Schedule Showings in a Snap

Tap, Tap, Showing!

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Jumping through archaic systems and playing phone tag all for a single showing? It shouldn't have to be that way.​ Now it's possible to manage your real estate business from a single app. AGENT - by Showingly will have you set up for success when it comes to touring homes with your clients.

All in Sync

Setting up a tour for your clients is the first step to helping them find their dream home. So, how does scheduling on AGENT work?

After finding the perfect listing, scroll past the home details to see available times. Here you can select a date, time, and the length of the showing from 30 minutes to two hours. You'll also be given the option to delegate this specific showing, or add it to a queue of many appointments.

You can select which client is attending this showing. Doing so provides the easiest way to manage notifications your clients receive, as any updates regarding showing appointments are sent to their Showingly profile.

Any and all scheduled showings of yours are displayed in Showingly Cal.

You can even see your upcoming and past showings by map location, helpful for getting a bird's eye perspective of where you're conducting showings.

See all of your upcoming and past showings in the My Showings list view, and tap in to each for more information.

Note: When scheduling on an unconnected listing, it's a best practice to request the listing agent to connect the property through AGENT to confirm or deny the showing. Regardless of the connection status, your clients will still receive notifications on the status of their upcoming showings!

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