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Save Time by Delegating

Bye-Bye Conflicting Schedules

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Whether you’re working with multiple clients simultaneously, or don't want to drive back and forth through the city, delegating with AGENT allows you to grow your business without sacrificing your time.

Let's Get Going!

Before you're able to request a showing assistant you'll need to accept the Showing Delegation Agreement and connect a payment method - two things you'll be prompted to do when you are ready to delegate.

Getting started couldn’t be easier, and is just like scheduling a showing for yourself. Learn how to delegate your first showing and discover why your clients will appreciate your commitment to their schedule.

To begin delegating your showings, head into the AGENT - by Showingly application and log into your account. Searching for a home can be done from the main screen, either by tapping available listings on the map, or searching for a particular address, feature, home type, and more.

After finding a home that your clients would be interested in touring, scroll down to the scheduling card near the bottom of the listing screen. Once you select the preferred date and time for the showing, simply click the green "Delegate" button to request a Showing Assistant.

That's it! Delegation requests are typically picked up in a matter of minutes.

Delegation works well when you're initially scheduling a showing for your clients, but also for when your clients are requesting their own showings. Now you have the capability of allowing your clients to pick the best times that work for them and delegating those showings to keep both of your calendars conflict-free.

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