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Safety & Security

Peace of Mind - Built Right In

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Being an agent has its perks. There’s an amazing opportunity to grow your network and connect with others on a personal and professional level.

To keep you protected while you’re showing clients homes, and vise versa, Showingly was built with safety as a top priority.

It Starts with Sign-Up

Upon creating an account, both homebuyers and agents are asked to scan their government-issued ID. In the past, we’ve found other open platforms had security risks when it came to confirming licensed professionals having access to home showings. In the event that certain individuals would try to impersonate an agent, they could simply find those credentials via public record.


By checking your ID with your name and professional license number, we’re able to provide the most secure platform for both you as an agent as well as consumer users.

For homebuyers, this verifies that a person signing up as an agent to conduct showings meets all state and federal regulations and holds them accountable to their code of ethics.

For agents, having only verified homebuyers on the application allows you the peace of mind to show homes to individuals that you may or may not have met in person yet.

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