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Real Estate in a Tech World

Tech Evolves Real Estate

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The future is now! Real estate agents realize that. Studies show that 98% of buyers use the internet to find the homes that they are interested in. 52% of purchased homes were found on the internet by the buyer.

A New Generation

Generationally, 81% of Millennials and 78% of Gen-Xers found their homes on a mobile device compared to just 68% of young Boomer-aged homebuyers.

With the Tech industry thriving, the real estate industry is catching on. However, 48% of all real estate brokerages said that keeping up with technology was one of the biggest challenges they faced, yet had the highest return.

This has forced real estate agents to keep up with and use technology to their advantage. Most Realtors found that the most valuable tech tool was MLS/Home Search Apps (64%).

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