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Matching with the Perfect Agent

Build a meaningful relationship

How can you be sure that the agent you choose is the best one for your family? The relationship you have with your agent can make or break your home buying experience, so you want to make sure you are a perfect match. Now with Showingly, you can be matched with an agent that is best suited for you and your needs.

Meeting your perfect agent

When you log into the Showingly app, you are prompted with a question of whether you have an agent you are already working with. If you do not, don't worry! 

Showingly offers a compatibility test to pair you with the best agent for your needs. We have agents take a short quiz when signing up thats asks important questions that will help match them to home buyers.

You will also take a short quiz and we will find the best agent for your family. This allows you to have an individualized home buying experience.

Connecting with agents can be time consuming, however Showingly makes it so easy for you. After running your answers through our system. we will be able to recommend an agent that will create a personalized buying experience for you.

From there you can set up appointments with your agent and have full control of your home buying process. Transparency is very important to us here at Showingly, as it should be for you, and this is just another way we bring that to our users.

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