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The Right Connection

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You’re networking and getting your name out there. Things are going well and it looks like you have a couple of clients that should be working with you soon. Later that week you decide to check your social feeds and see that your prospects just closed on their first home!

You hate to see it - another agent persuaded those clients to sign with them.

How does this happen, and what are the ways that you can stop this from happening to you?

A Changing Relationship

Homebuyers are evolving, and the “friendly neighborhood real estate agent” is starting to have less impact on their decision making.

Per NAR... 89% of buyers were happy with their Agent and would work with them again, however, only 17% of those buyers ever do repeat business with that agent.

Millennial clients are prioritizing convenience over relations, and looking for the quickest way to get things done.

Showingly Has Your Back

Each connection you make in-app links that client to you as their sole agent. Showing requests, favorites, and searches they make go to you, and only you. Even after you’ve helped them make a successful purchase, the next time they choose to use Showingly, you’ll be notified that they’re back in the market for a new property.

You’ll be kept in the loop if a client of yours wishes to disconnect as well, giving you a fighting chance to retain their business and be proactive by reaching out. Your clients work with you.

Showingly is Relationship Management without the fluff.

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