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Disparity of Mobile Device Usage in Real Estate

An Opportunity to Connect

· Professionals

Homebuyers use their mobile devices increasingly more every day. This means there’s a massive opportunity in real estate for agents to connect directly with buyers like never before.

They - the homebuyers - appear to be having better luck at finding showings rather than agents through their mobile devices. Showingly wanted to create a way for unrepresented homebuyers to connect directly with available agents by offering an easy to use mobile app meant to empower the two sides of the industry.

While 76% of homebuyers found their home on a mobile device, only 17% found an agent on their device. This is due to plenty of options to search and scroll through listings, but much fewer routes for connecting an agent with the person looking. Fortunately, Showingly offers real and secure leads along with a unique compatibility leads that offer a better connection and higher potential for better retention.

With tech industries on the rise, agents are being asked to adapt. Those who use every available opportunity to their advantage are poised to thrive.

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