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Connect Your Listings

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In need of a better listing management platform? Look no further than the palm of your hand! AGENT - by Showingly was designed with mobility in mind when it comes to managing your real estate business.

A Powerful Couple

A lot of your business takes place at your desk, but there's plenty more that goes on when you're working out of pocket. That's why we made it possible to connect and conduct your business from your mobile phone. Let's take a look at how to connect your real estate listings within the AGENT app!

First, navigate to the menu located at the bottom left of your screen. Click the "My Listings" menu to get started connecting your active listings.

After searching by MLS#, you'll be asked more about your listing, such as available showing times, if notices are needed, and whether it's a Go n' Show or set by appointment.


Here you'll be able to search for your client whose listing this is as well, which provides them with information about their active listing. Any other instructions for the listing, like lock box codes, location and special notes can be added here.

Upcoming and past showings, along with the buyer's agent's information are displayed in the listing's history tab to keep you informed.

You're all done! You've added your listing and connected your client so they can see any actions associated with their property.

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