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Keep Your Clients Involved

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Communication is paramount as a Realtor for handling your real estate business effectively and efficiently. There are plenty of ways to try and orchestrate all of the people involved, and now with Showingly, from your clients to listing agents, and now with Showingly, any other professionals along for the ride. Being able to connect each individual along for the ride means your client is shown more transparency when buying their home.

Modernizing the Process

The Showingly app is the perfect coupling platform to ensure your clients have access to schedule showing appointments, view active listings they’re interested in, and stay up to date with the professionals you’re currently working with. Plus, connecting with your client in-app solidifies you as their agent, as all buying information is only communicated to you. Now you won’t be running into the unfortunate scenario of seeing a past client end up with another agent. The more clients you connect with, the easier it is to retain their business for the future!

To add your clients via AGENT - by Showingly, first login to your account and click the far right menu button of the home screen. Here you’ll see Showingly CRM where you can manage your current and past clients. Once on the Showingly CRM screen, tap the top right “+” button. Simply enter in your client’s first and last name along with their mobile phone number. If your clients have already downloaded Showingly on their device they’ll receive a notification prompting them to add you as their agent. If your clients have not yet downloaded the Showingly app, they’ll receive a text message with a link to download and connect with you once they’ve created an account. It’s as easy as that.

Now that you've connected with your clients, you're able to schedule showings for them while keeping them up to speed along the way. You'll also see any listings they've favorited and be able to manage their own showing requests, too. Finding the perfect home for your clients used to mean putting together lists of selected properties, but now your clients can add to their favorites and request showings directly.

Connecting with your clients through the Showingly platform allows you to retain your business and ensures your sphere isn't open to poaching from other agents. Plus, your clients will be empowered throughout their home search!

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